textile boxes

Shoe Boxes

Our commitment to excellence means that we meticulously craft shoe boxes with utmost care and precision, ensuring their durability and aesthetic appeal. Unlike ordinary shoe boxes, our boxes are thoughtfully designed with convenient features, including the option to add rivets. These rivets serve a dual purpose – not only do they enhance the elegance of the box, but they also make it easier for users to retrieve their shoes from cupboards or shelves effortlessly. With our advanced printing techniques, we can bring your shoe box designs to life with impeccable precision and attention to detail. Your brand logo, custom artwork, or intricate patterns will be flawlessly replicated on the shoe boxes, creating a visual impact that speaks volumes about your brand's commitment to quality and style.

Textile (Clothing) Boxes

Whether you need boxes for underwear, ties, socks, or any other textile item, Canpak Packaging offers exceptional packaging solutions for you. Our advanced printing techniques, coupled with the finest materials, ensure that our textile boxes are not only visually striking but also exude a tangible sense of extravagance. From the soft touch of the premium materials to the gleam of metallic accents, every element is carefully chosen to enhance the perception of luxury, elevating your products to an entirely new level of desirability. We can also apply PVC windows for your textile boxes to that you can demostrate your products to the customers.

Luxury Paper Bags

Branded packaging is vital for retail or business marketing. Luxury printed paper bags add style to your brand. It reinforces your brand image, ensuring your customers know and recognise your products.


E-commerce is one of the areas of today, which is very popular and the boxes used in e-commerce has become one of the main titles of the box packaging sector.

Flower Boxes

In the box production, where offset and high quality printing comes forefront, like both gift box and flower box, we, as Canpak Packaging, serve for years.

pillow boxes

Canpak Packaging, one of the companies called first in our country on the box need of a lot of different sectors by making high quality printed box production in a wide range of pillow boxes, makes that it is mentioned in the global market too.