With a 20-year experience, Canpak Packaging is one of the leading offset printed folding carton box and litho-laminated (corrugated) cardboard box packaging producers of Turkey. With a machine park having state of the art technology and more than 200 employees, Canpak Packaging obtained an important position both in and outside the country on offset printed box packaging. Canpak Packaging, established an area of 20,000 m2 in Izmir, is one of the preferred companies of the sector in export with closeness to the Izmir port. In global sense, it does production to different continents and has a substantial market share in the international market.


srp self ready packaging

Folding boxes

We produce boxes with very diverse design by printing on the cartons which are widely used in the sector such as Chrome carton as well as cartons such as American Bristol and Kraft for specialized boxes.


Litho-laminated boxes are the boxes preferred for heavy products requiring strength. They are the boxes used very widely such as E flute and B flute as well as they are used for packaging and carrying bigger and heavier products such as EB flute and CB flute.
stand copy


We produce display units (stands), which are the musts of big brands for campaigns in recent periods, with very diverse styles. Display units, which have effective role in increasing the market share of the brands, are used as the most important advertisement tool of the markets and stores today.
Luxury Paper Bags


Branded packaging is vital for retail or business marketing. Luxury printed paper bags add style to your brand. It reinforces your brand image, ensuring your customers know and recognise your products.



We produce in both the country and abroad for years with multipack boxes, alcohol boxes, wine boxes, beer boxes, whiskey boxes, juice boxes, coffee boxes, tea boxes, turnip boxes, and Bag-in-Box boxes in the beverages sector with the personnel experience in their field. Canpak Packaging, making product shipment in a wide range from America to Europe, from Balkans to Africa, has reached the top ranks it targeted in the domestic market.

Shelf Ready Package (SRP):

The way of presenting a product has an important role in marketing. The first purpose of SRP, meaning shelf ready package is to protect the product against external factors while they are used today as a tool for improving marketing activities and increasing sales. Package is one of the most effective purchasing decision tools. SRP enables that your products are delivered to the store and your products are present smoothly in the shelf.

Fruit and Vegetable Boxes

Laminated boxes now become a must for the fresh and dried fruits and vegetables with the single-walled and double-walled corrugated boxes which is the most demanded box packaging today where environment friendly products are popular.