Spare Part Boxes

Spare part boxes have a very important market share in the packaging industry. As Canpak Packaging, we are able to produce spare part boxes with high-strength materials that both protect and support the product inside. We come up with creative designs for both corrugated and cardboard packaging solutions that directly target the needs of our customers while adopting environmentally sensitive production choices. Thanks to that, over the years, we have become one of the main suppliers of spare part packaging both domestically and internationally.

Cleaning And Household Sector

With very wide ranged printing machine park, Canpak Packaging is one of the musts of the sector in the production of heavy and bulky white appliance boxes and technology boxes.

Detergent and Cleaning Boxes

With the detergent boxes we produce for the detergents, which are the main factor of the cleaning sector, we produce both in the global and local market.

toy boxes

Toy boxes are one of the areas where packaging stands out the most. The toy industry shows how important it is to choose the right packaging that will be eye-catching on the shelves as it adds value to the product as well as directly affects the sales volume.

White Goods Boxes

Canpak Packaging, producing colorful offset printed boxes successfully for the products which are difficult with respect to packaging such as white appliances and

Technology Products And Small Household Appliance Boxes

With the integration of technology into our daily lives, the packaging of technological products has also become increasingly important.