These are the boxes preferred for heavy products that require strength. Mainly used flute types are E and B flutes. There are also double corrugated box options; such as EB wave and CB wave for the packaging and transportation of large and heavy products. In addition to micro corrugated boxes, Canpak Packaging, which also has experience in double wall boxes, produces box packaging for large packaging materials such as white goods boxes, technological equipment boxes, or heater boxes with its super wide offset printing machine. Our company, which offers its customers solid and practical solutions in box packaging, is one of the leading companies in large printed box packaging in Turkey and has been the main supplier of large technological and white goods groups in our country for many years.

Corrugated packaging is mostly used for applications such as boxes for medium-weight retail products, food and beverage boxes, consumer goods boxes, industrial boxes, protective boxes, postal (cargo) boxes. The litho laminated printing process starts with the printing of multi-colored graphics with offset lithography on coated papers. Then, the printed layers are laminated on corrugated sheets and then cut using cutting molds, and finally, the boxes are folded and gluedto give the final shape to the box. This process is used to create boxes with photographic graphics. Consistently high quality images are very important in creating a consistent product and brand perception. Litho laminated boxes are frequently preferred by markets that require high-quality brand image and strength, such as electronics, entertainment, pharmaceuticals, and beverages.

As Canpak Packaging, we aim to better understand your packaging needs for your laminated boxes, and offer you the most suitable solutions, and add high value to your products while maintaining advanced service levels in box production. As Canpak Packaging, we analyze many aspects of your business in order to determine the most suitable corrugated packaging application that meets your needs for transportation, storage, marketing, demostration, and re-storage of your products. Then we will help you make the right product selection to meet your supply chain and printing needs. Please contact our sales consultants for custom solutions.