Shelf Ready Packaging

The way a product is presented have a significant role in marketing. When the primary purpose of SRP is to protect the product, it can be used an instrument for promoting marketing offer and boosting their sales. Packaging has been identified as one of the most influencial purchase decision instrument.


SRP provides your products to be delivered to the store and transform into display package presenting the products on the shelf.

We design all shelf-ready packages according to requirements for supply-chain processes, consumer perceptions and shelf replenishment needs.


Our packaging are;

  • Easy to Construct: Being constructed with minimum labour force.

  • Easy to Identify: Easily found in store by personnel with distinctive and clear printing.

  • Easy to Open: Easily opened in store but at the same time, we provide our customers high durability with our product range during supply chain.

  • Easy to Shelve: Simply replenished on the shelf and optimize the shelf space.

  • Easy to Shop: Quickly recognized by customer.

  • Easy to Dispose: Produced by minimum waste and easy to recycle.


By introducing SRP from Canpak, you’ll greatly improve shelf- visibility and boost your sales.