Packing involves far more than just manufacturing a product. Packaging is everything surrounding a product that we see as service. It encompasses supporting our customers at every stage of development, production and logistics of their product. It also includes a partnership in considering how your supplier’s product will perform in protection, handling, storage, logistics, and on-shelf presentation. All these technical aspects are considered by Canpak when developing your packaging solutions. We recognise the importance of providing customers with a comprehensive instrument throughout the supply chain, where we're here with them from start to finish and provide them the following services.

A Consultative Approach to Packaging

We know that your business is unique, so we think your packaging should mirror that fact while also strengthening your brand and giving you a competitive advantage.


Customer Teams

Focused teams with a single point of contact

Acknowledging that it is easier and more time-effective for customers to have as few contact points as possible we have developed management teams who have responsibility for individual customers. This means that you will rarely need to speak to more than one person internally to re-distribute your requirements throughout the organization and one person externally in the event of site visits and personal customer liaison.


Package Design

An innovative design often makes the difference

We like it best when we are in a project from the very start. The first step is for our design team to research the market place the product is aiming for. Then we assess the protection need, handling and stroge conditions as well as on-shelf presentation of products. With this information we go to work designing your packaging.


See what you will get

Canpak's prepress team have the right combination of experience, technology and flare to bring ideas to life and provided beautiful cost effective solutions for our clients in all market sectors. With the latest software and hardware infrastructure, Canpak's prepress team constantly works towards accurate and timely delivery. 



Colour is the very cornerstone of our business

Genuinely impressive results can be achieved with litho lamination and offset printing. The printing is photo-realistic, and a wide range of finishing techniques are available, based on application of 6 regular colors with the option of inline dispersion.



Make the last touch to dazzle your consumers

We produce offset printed cardboard and corrugated boxes... all kinds of them, in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes with countless different finishes and graphics different applications so that our customers can stand out from the competition and dazzle their end consumers. 

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