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We make bespoke packaging for a diverse range of industry sectors and mostly to global brands. To maintain product quality and consistency we aim to manufacture every part of our product in house.


We have 3 modern generation presses for sheetfed offset: KBA Rapida Offset Printing Press (max size 120x164), Ultra Man Offset Printing Press (max size 110x160), and KBA 105 (max size 74x105).

KBA Rapida Offset Printing Press (max size 120x164)

Amongst all, KBA Rapid is the most distinctive press of our presses by being the worlds one of the largest sheetfed offset press. With its maximum production format of 1.20 x 1.64 metres, the Rapida 164 involves many of the ground-breaking innovations realised in the large-format. Rapidas are unique in this format class. But not only that, a sheet area in excess of 2 square metres and a maximum printing speed of 15,000 sheets per hour form the basis for another superlative. The Rapida 164 delivers by far the greatest printed area per hour – and this output of almost 30,000 square metres also seems sure to remain unrivalled for years to come.


In the world, the benchmark in superlarge format knows only name: KBA Rapida. Since the arrival of these presses, the whole world of sheetfed offset printing in XXL formats has been redefined, because it can print in XXL and XXL plus superformats, which could be equal to 55’ TV Boxes, Double Door Fridges, Super XXL size Vacuum Cleaners, XXL size POPs.


Presses in this format class were originally expected to excel as efficient means of production for poster printers. And they are still today dependable workhorses in this market segment. Alongside, however, a broad spectrum of further applications has evolved. Today Rapida 164 press is in use in Canpak for POP displays in superlarge formats and high volume packaging and poster printing.

Take a look for yourself and experience the fascination of incomparable performance on Rapida super-large format press.

KBA 105 (max size 74x105)

This press has 6 colours plus 2 varnish options. It means that you can have various types of selective varnish options at one pass. As a graphic designer, you do not need to just think about standard designs, but you can think how you can differentiate a product with various gloss, very glossy, matt, silk, twin‐effect, pearl, gold and metallized varnishing effects.

This press is also configured for both conventional and UV production. It means that it can print both on paper and plastic substrates. UV-offset printers have the impact to create the intended effects and deliver the desired results. As a graphic designer, you can now consider printing on non-absorptive materials which are not compatible to other print techniques: plastic sheets, films, special finishing, metallized and pattern finishing surfaces. You can even consider 3D printing which creates a sense of 3 dimensional figures or movement (lenticular printing).






The Koenig & Bauer Group is the inventor of the printing press and also the first manufacturer of the printing press in the world. It is also the driver of innovation with a long standing record holder for the highest number of patents registered by a press manufacturer. How do you become a market leader? Through experience and innovation; but there is more of both in a large format press than any other press of this class. That’s also why KBA is already been a market leader in packaging busıness in many years.



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