Gold/Metalized OPP & UV Printing


Corporate brands and companies are looking for cooperation with packaging companies to enhance the appeal of their packaging everyday. Gold/Metalized OPP and UV printing is widely being preferred for obtaining a high quality and premium look. Gold/Metalized OPP is actually like a thin barrier film (a layer) which gives the product a unique and premium look by improving the decorative and aesthetic characteristics of the packaging. It offers gleaming and bright metallic appearance with UV printing. 

Advantages of Gold/Metalized OPP & UV printing

  • It offers gleaming and bright premium metallic appearance on the shelve that attracts customers.

  • It has resistance to rays, scratches, tearing and any other external factors. 

  • UV inks are eco-friendly. They do not include solvents and leave on almost zero carbon footprint.

This kind of packaging is mainly being used in premium confectionery, drinks and cosmetics packaging to stand out among competition.