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Litho-laminated packaging has long been used for retail packaging, food packaging, beverage packaging, fruits & vegetables packaging, consumer goods packaging, industrial packaging, protective packaging, postal packaging and many more other applications. The litho lamination printing process begins by printing the multi-color graphics with an offset lithography press on linerboard, then laminating the sheet onto corrugated which is then die cut and glued into the finished container. This process creates the highest level of photo realistic graphics. The high quality images that can be achieved contribute greatly to our customers’ goal of conveying a consistent product and brand image.  Litho lamination is suitable for any market requiring high quality images with durability.

Confectionery Packaging
Beverage Packaging
Fruit & Vegetables Packaging
Fish Packaging
Meat & Poultry Packaging
Flower Packaging
Household Cleaning Goods Packaging
Postal Packaging
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Within Canpak we aim to better understand and anticipate your paper and board needs, maintain the highest service level and deliver superior value in litho-laminated box production. We analyze many various aspects of your business needs, such as handling, piling, and marketing, to determine and manufacture the best litho-laminated packaging application. Then we offer;

  • Wide range of brown kraftliner, brown testliner, recycled high performance fluting, recycled fluting, semi-chemical fluting, white top kraftliner, white top testliner, nssc and many more paper types

  • Wide range of flute and liner combinations (Single face corrugated, Single & Double & Triple wall corrugated etc.) 

  • Various cardboard types (duplex cardboad, triplex cardboard, solid board, bristol board etc.)

  • Various cardboad grades (200gsm, 225gsm, 280gsm, 300gsm, 320gsm, 350gsm, 400gsm etc.)

  • Various types of polish (Dispersion varnish, matt varnish, spot varnish etc.)

  • Various types of finishings (Window patching, embossing, hot foil stampling etc.)

  • Up to 6 point gluing

To assist you in choosing the right grade to suit your conversion, supply chain and print needs, we offer specialist advice through our team of dedicated technical and sales advisors. Get in touch with our sales advisors for your tailored solutions.

We specialise in the design and manufacture of big boxes known as XXL litho-laminated packaging that are outside the capabilities of many other plants. XXL packaging is suitable for big or awkward shaped products, pallet displays, or large point of displays. Made from single and double wall corrugated board grades, XXL packaging covers a wide range of standard and bespoke styles. All XXL packaging can be glued, taped, stitched or a combination of all three in order to give the required performance. XXL packaging is designed bespoke to provide the required amount of strength and stability to meet the physical requirements of your supply chain. Additional features such as specialist barrier gluing and liners are available to optimise protection and performance. The design of the pack, in combination with the selection of the most appropriate grades and materials, will ensure your products arrive at their destination in optimal condition.



  • Available in a wide range of single and double wall corrugated board grades

  • Bespoke to meet your exact size and performance requirements

  • Typically larger than 80cm x 150cm  in size

  • High quality print available to promote brand

  • Packs can be glued, taped or stitched



  • Reduction in transit damage due to the strength and stability of our products

  • Transit and storage efficiencies from larger pack sizes

  • Improved sales through increased product visibility

  • Environmentally friendly - made from a renewable resource and 100% recyclable

  • Versatility to pack any product - no matter what size or shape

  • Maximises brand impact at the point of purchase

  • Improved customer perception as products easy to find and understand 


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